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About PodMatch's automatic matching for interviews

Dashboard Features

How to understand and utilize all the dashboard features

To Do List

Understanding, managing, and clearing your To Do List


Update credit card, download invoices, understanding your bill

Report Abuse

When a PodMatch member isn't following guidelines


Enable/disable notifications and choose notification types

Profile/Page Settings

Update and change your public profile settings and details

Explore Page

Learn how to use the explore page to search for members

Messages And Scheduling

Learn how to use the Match Status and built-in message system

Account Information

Update your name, email, password, and other account information


Become a PodMatch affiliate, learn about payouts and commissions

Prior Bookings

Learn how to view and manage prior bookings/signed release forms

Workflows Tasks And Cards

Edit tasks, add tasks, and manage entire episode cards

Workflows Active

How to understand and utilize all the features for your active dashboard

Workflows Completed

Review completed episodes and tasks and reopen episodes

Workflows Templates

Create templates, edit tasks and settings

Workflows Team

Add, remove, and modify team member access levels

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