The Actively Established Podcast Report For Independent Podcasters
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An Actively Established Podcaster is a non-celebrity independent interview-based host with 100+ episodes and a release cadence of 10 days or less.


Total AE Podcasters

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Overall Industry Buzz


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Podcasters Health


Extremely high failure rate with limited clear success paths.

Listenership Health


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Podcasting Opportunity


There has never been a better time to start a podcast.

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Podcasting Industry Totals

Podcast listenership is rapidly increasing, but the number of active podcasts has not changed, making podcasting a non-saturated industry.


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Only {{[select_podcasting_industry_totals.selectedIndex].percent_currently_active.toNumber().formatNumber(1, '.', ',')}}% of the total podcasts are active!

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Possible Future Actively Established Podcasts

Interview-based independent podcasters. Most fail to reach the Actively Established status due to quitting prematurely or inconsistent episode releases.


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Only {{[select_possible_future_ae_podcasts.selectedIndex].percent_currently_active}}% are active!


Chances of "Making It" as a Podcaster

On average, it takes 2 years and 100 episodes released to begin yielding results from podcasting. Unfortunately, few stick with it long enough to experience the reward.

Episode Milestone Likelihood of Success Chances of Failure
8 Episodes ... ...
50 Episodes ... ...
100 Episodes ... ...
200 Episodes ... ...
300 Episodes ... ...

You're 4x more likely to succeed with a business than a podcast. If you're podcasting to make money, stop! Go start a business instead.

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Actively Established Podcasts

Less than 10% of independent podcasters are in the Actively Established category, but, they hold over 90% of the influence in the podcasting industry!


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Only {{[select_ae_podcasts.selectedIndex].percent_currently_actively_established}}% of all podcasts are part
of the Actively Established category!


Podcast Guesting Health (BETA) warning_symbol

Serious podcast guests and hosts exclusively use to connect for interviews and to streamline the administrative and booking process.

Seeking Guests

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Guests Seeking

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Every podcast has an average of {{[select_podcast_guesting_health.selectedIndex].podcast_guesting_health_avg_guest_requests_count}} people
reaching out every day requesting to be a guest!

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Podcasters Group

Episode Downloads (First 7 Days)

Your Podcast Compared to Industry Averages warning_symbol

A podcast listener is 100x more valuable than an engagement on social media. Podcasting is comparable to public speaking. Hosts are speakers, listeners are attendees.

Episode Downloads (First 7 Days)
Top 1% ...
Top 5% ...
Top 10% ...
Top 25% ...
Top 50% ...

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Did you know it takes most podcasters 2 years to achieve meaningful results with their podcast? Only {{[0].making_it_success_percent_100_epi}}% of podcasters ever make it to that point! If you want to achieve your podcasting goals faster, take the quiz!

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Podcast Hosting Providers Ranked by Their Ability to Serve/Support Independent Podcasters

Looking to switch hosting providers? Here’s our choice for the best option + an exclusive discount to get started!

Rank Rank Change Hosting Provider All Active AE Score
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The hosting provider data listed above has been supplied by rephonic logo and calculated by PodMatch (See FAQ section below for details)


Frequently Asked Questions About The AE Podcast Report

Actively established podcasters are interview-based show hosts with more than 100 episodes released without missing beyond a percentage of episode releases along the way. They’ve consistently created content for their podcast since launching! (For more, that’s 2 years, based on a weekly release cadence.) For more on this, see Alex Sanfilippo’s original announcement, here: . For an independent interview-based podcast, we’ve found that it takes 100 episodes before meaningful traction begins. Growing your influence and impact with listeners begins at 100 episodes, so that’s what we’re tracking!

This report is based on filtering out all the shows that don’t actually matter. The Actively Established Podcast Report displays interview based independent podcasts only. All celebrity podcasts, non-interview based, big network podcasts, and podcasts with only one episode have been removed from the results. (Some newer/smaller shows from larger networks may be included in the data above.)

We pull +/- 15 days of data to use as our sample unit within the following ranges: 8 weeks, 50 weeks, 100 weeks, 200 weeks, 300 weeks of current day.

Once we have these sample units, we review the percentages of success/failure in each range after averaging outliers and hosting providers who do not reach the minimum criteria.

From there, we have 39 separate formulas applied to calculate the datapoints. All fully automated, no manual adjustments made to the algorithm that’s deciding scoring and ranking. The size of a hosting provider has minimal effect on their rank, what matter is activity of podcasters and the episode release milestones that they reach. (Release cadence, total episodes released, and sample unit milestones are the top factors contributing to rank.)

TWO MANUAL ACTIONS: If a podcast host gates/hides email addresses by default, they receive +50 points. If a hosting provider is a member of, they receive +50 points. (NOTE: The hosting provider data only shows independent interview-based podcasts.)

We make suggestions on which hosting providers should be used, and avoided, within the Actively Established Podcast Formula Course. For free access to this $1,200.00 course, please complete the quiz and you’ll be granted access to our hosting provider suggestions and exclusive discounts!

All data was pulled by our partner, Rephonic counted the number of podcasts by each hosting provider by RSS feed domain.

We use a combination of publicly available data from,,, and

Specific sources:

► Global Listenership Projections:

► Listenership Deep Dive:

Our partner, Buzzsprout provided data on average industry downloads based on their internal data. Although they are specifically Buzzsprout’s numbers, they have enough market share for us to deem this as industry averages.

Rephonic uses automated Natural Language Processing to identify podcasts that accept guests and while it is usually very accurate, occasionally Rephonic may get it wrong.

Sometimes Rephonic doesn’t find associated social accounts for a podcast, or link ones that are incorrect. Rephonic’s data is therefore not 100% accurate but in aggregate these issues are minimized.

We pulled data on podcasts from date-range criteria to determine how many succeeded or failed during that time. Every month, we update the date ranges to keep it current, while incorporating historical averages into the data. We pull based on weekly episode releases and follow the same “AE” standard as the rest of this report.

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