PodMatch Automatically Matches Ideal Podcast Hosts And Guests For Interviews

Imagine Your Favorite Online Dating App, But Instead Of Using It For Finding Dates, You're Booking Podcast Interviews. We Use The Same(ish) Technology For Automated Matching!

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* For Companies/Representatives Who Manage Multiple Podcast Guests And (Or) Hosts.

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Has Been Featured By

The PodMatch Agency Plan Is For Publishers, Podcast Booking Agencies, Media Management Companies, Podcast Networks, Or Any Form Of PR Representation

PodMatch Pricing

{{global06_agency_rates.data.output_agency_managed_client_rate.toNumber().formatCurrency('$', '.', ',', 2)}}/Month For Each Client You Manage

(Example: 4 Clients On PodMatch = {{(global06_agency_rates.data.output_agency_managed_client_rate.toNumber() * 4).toNumber().formatCurrency('$', '.', ',', 2)}}/Month)

Features Included

Core Functionality and Features
New Messages & Replies Unlimited
Matches {{global06_agency_rates.data.output_client_matches_amount}} Every {{global06_agency_rates.data.output_client_matches_rate}} Hrs Per Client
Keyword Searches Unlimited
Access to Premium Search Filters
Top Profile Placement on Explore Page and in Searches
Automatic Recommendations Sent to Members About Your Clients
Interview Release Form (Legal Protection)
Unlimited Match Placements and Profile Visibility
Top Placement in Other Members' Match Results
Access to Members Total Social Follow Count on Profile
Additional Exclusive Features
Price (USD) {{global06_agency_rates.data.output_agency_managed_client_rate.toNumber().formatCurrency('$', '.', ',', 2)}}/Month
Per Managed Client

The Fine Print: The minimum monthly charge for PodMatch Agency is {{global06_agency_rates.data.output_agency_base_rate.toNumber().formatCurrency('$', '.', ',', 2)}}. (If you add {{(global06_agency_rates.data.output_agency_base_rate.toNumber() / global06_agency_rates.data.output_agency_managed_client_rate.toNumber()).ceil()}} of your clients, then the minimum is covered.)


A Single Dashboard To Manage All Of Your Clients.

The PodMatch Agency dashboard was created for productivity and fast results. You can even assign multiple members of your team to manage your clients!


Individual Profiles For Each Of Your Clients.

Every member gets their own public-facing profile that doubles as a referral machine and is the hub for receiving messages.

(Watch the video above to learn more).


Matches For Each Of Your Clients.

Use the built-in messaging to schedule and book interviews. Our messaging makes it easy to keep track of your upcoming interviews. Plus you can manage everything from your PodMatch Dashboard.


Highly Customizable Explore Page With Filtering.

Within minutes of adding your clients, the PodMatch matching core algorithm will calculate their unique ideal matches, while factoring in all the details from availability, compatibility and even administrative details.


Built-In Tools And Features To Manage Your Workflow.

Get more interview traction for your clients without all the extra work!

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What Members Are Saying

Great Exposure

Today I had an amazing experience of being interviewed on a noteworthy podcast. It will definitely lead to great exposure for my business! This never would have happened without PodMatch!

Reviewer Photo

Ben Baker

Leadership Mindset Expert

Value & Efficiency

No other podcast matching service has provided better value than PodMatch. As a result of utilizing their service, we have aligned with great guests and have filled our upcoming season roster very efficiently!

Reviewer Photo

Jeffrey Besecker

The Light Inside Podcast

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, in fact, as soon as you create profiles for your clients, they will begin getting matched with the entire PodMatch ecosystem.

We have an advanced automated matching core algorithm that makes these decisions based off various points of each profile.

Due to the complexity of the Agency Dashboard, it is currently not supported on mobile devices.

At any point, you can pause one of your clients or remove them completely and you will not be billed for any unused time of that specific client.

If you have another question, please drop us a line here. Let us know how we can help!

PodMatch Agency Is The Only Multi-User Management Platform With Automated Interview Matching In The Podcasting Industry. Agencies Like Yours Don't Have Time To Search Through Directories To Find Interviews For Your Clients, We Take The Pain Out Of The Process!